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Wall Street Journal Review

by admin on December 26, 2009

the wall street journal review Wall Street Journal ReviewA lot of people ask me where I get my daily financial information. As a result, I’ve decided to write up this post.

I use multiple sources to gather my information. It ranges from top authority sites to information aggregators and a wide variety of blogs.

The flaw of many blogs and minor sites is the delay in which it delivers information and also the numerous times it publishes erroneous information. Consequently, it’s necessary for one to always have access to several major news distributors. I have always used the Wall Street Journal as a solid reference point to see what’s happening in the daily news arena. As you will commonly notice, most major stories originate from distributors such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, or Bloomberg. Therefore, having access to these information sources is vital for any investor.

Different people prefer different authority sites. It’s just one of those things of personal preference. I like to use the WSJ because of its variety of information that adds value. Additionally, I think their Opinion section and general analysis can be very valuable. Lastly, you can get a paper & online subscription to the WSJ for a great bargain. This offer I found (link) lets you get both the paper (6 days a week) and online access for around $2 bucks a week. Not a bad deal at all.

So if you’re considering signing up for a legitimate good source of information, I would think about the Wall Street Journal.

wsj cartoon Wall Street Journal Review

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