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Charlie Rose Interviews Jim Chanos on China Bubble

by Rafael Rosa on April 15, 2010

Charlie Rose’s highly anticipated interview with famous short-seller James Chanos is finally available. The interview trailers and anticipation chatter in the financial blogosphere made it seem like this interview was going to expose something Chanos had never mentioned before. The interview was great, but it had nothing we haven’t heard before (maybe the quote “China [...]


A few worthy things I found on the financial blogosphere today. Hat tips to The Big Picture, The Pragmatic Capitalist, and Clusterstock. First, here is a recent video from featuring famous short-seller Jim Chanos and Professor of Economics Joseph Stiglitz. They talk about the financial crisis, short-selling, naked short-selling, and financial regulation. Not that [...]


Jim Chanos China Lecture

by admin on February 4, 2010

Dedicated short seller and hedge fund manager Jim Chanos recently did a lecture on the state of the Chinese real estate market. The video is below with some of my own notes/bullet points in case you’re feeling lazy about watching the 1 hour video. Jim Chanos Lecture Bullet Points *China is being seen as the [...]

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Jim Rogers bullish on China, Commodities

by Rafael Rosa on January 21, 2010

It’s “different in China”. The phrase sounds awfully familiar to the widely used “it’s different this time”. Investors are always looking for a “new normal”; however, the truth is that real fundamental change rarely happens. As history shows, people tend to commit the same mistakes over and over again. Investment guru Jim Rogers believes that [...]


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