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US Jobless Claims Data

by Rafael Rosa on October 28, 2010

US Jobless claims came in better than expected at 434K. The market consensus was looking for 455K. On a headline basis, “it’s good news”. The only thing is that people are completely disregarding the fact that the number from last week was revised upward, which is not so good. The trend has also been that [...]


FX Alerts + StockTwits FX Post

by Rafael Rosa on October 27, 2010

The US Dollar is killing it right now. Softer QE expectations + technicals (see Buy Dolla Dolla Biills) is giving some steam to the US Dollar. No dead cat bounce here. See my FX Alerts from this morning below. Additionally, don’t forget to check out my new post over at StockTwits FX (GBPUSD Analysis). Technorati [...]


Flash Crash of the Day: Dollar Index

by Rafael Rosa on October 23, 2010

I know, “tell me something I don’t know”. But yes, there was a flash crash on the US Dollar Index after the equities market close on Friday. The index dropped $3 in two minutes, reaching a low of $74.60. However, as illustrated in the picture above, it seems like most people don’t care. While there [...]



by Rafael Rosa on September 29, 2010

The GBPCAD [Pound Canadian Dollar] cross is offering a great short entry opportunity. On Tuesday, it failed to break above a key long-term trendline (FACTOR 1) (see graph below). The downward trendline extends from the 1.7894 high of late 2009. Click on images for full-sized chart! The technical analysis is complemented by fundamental factors. Primarily, [...]


Google Search Story: Buy Sell Buy The Euro

by Rafael Rosa on September 24, 2010

Remember the days of Euro-Dollar at 1.51? The time of the U.S. Dollar collapse was imminent. Everyone and their mother was saying buy the Euro, sell the U.S. Dollar. Not a lot of time went buy and selling the Euro was in fashion. When the 1.18 handle came around, the whole crowd was cheering the [...]


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