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EURCHF Trendline Break

by Rafael Rosa on October 7, 2010

The EURCHF (Euro Swiss Franc) is attempting to break its key downward daily trendline, which currently sits at the 1.3432 level. The 100 DMA also rests at 1.3490, creating a confluence of resistance levels. A daily close above 1.3490 today would open more room for EURCHF upside. A weekly confirmation tomorrow would put the 1.3600 [...]


The Big Euro Squeeze

by Rafael Rosa on March 26, 2010

The Euro-dollar (EUR/USD) is hanging out around  its 2010 low. Debt concerns regarding Greece and other European countries has ripped the Euro apart. Additionally, as mentioned before, everyone and their grandmother is short the EUR/USD. There is no doubt that the Euro-dollar is in a strong downtrend and possibly looking to crack the 1.3200 and [...]


EUR/USD Bears Crack Key Support

by Rafael Rosa on March 24, 2010

I photoshopped this back in December 2009, I can finally bring it out now. The Euro bears were out for the kill today. There were so many bears out there that it felt like a wild forest. I’m a US dollar bull and thus also a Euro bear. However, I was a little skeptical about [...]

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EUR/USD Stop-Hunting and Bear Trap

by Rafael Rosa on March 22, 2010

Intraday volatility has been wild for most currency pairs today. GBP/USD suffered a sell-off only to retrace all of its losses. The Yen had a spike against all major currencies (Australian dollar, Pound, Euro, Canadian dollar, & US dollar) only to retrace most of the spike gains. The EUR/USD also made a move down to [...]


Intraday Market Divergences

by Rafael Rosa on March 5, 2010

Yesterday (Tuesday, March 3, 2010) was a great day for the keen eye paying attention to market divergences. As U.S. equities started rallying on a Greek austerity plan and (bad but ‘distorted’) ADP jobs number (due to the snow, really?), market internals started to diverge early in the morning. While the S&P 500 hit an [...]


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