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Euro-Dollar Bearish Tape

by Rafael Rosa on November 8, 2010

The EURUSD [Euro-Dollar] bearish tape is playing out. We’ll take a look at the daily chart to see what has been happening. The first “bearish/over-extended” warning sign in the daily chart was the Bollinger Band breach. The pair had a candle trade completely above the band, which is extremely unusual. You can look back at [...]


No breakouts here, move along now.

by Rafael Rosa on November 1, 2010

Today isĀ  t-2 (“t minus 2″), with t being Christmas for traders. On Wednesday, Santa Fed arrives at our chimney. Some people expect a big gift while others believe Santa Fed will disappoint. Speculation is all the rage and everyone has an opinion on what will happen. They all want to guess what’s in the [...]


Oct. 19th 2010 FX Alerts: Dollar Time.

by Rafael Rosa on October 19, 2010

With the Federal Reserve on vacation, China decided to step in and throw the rescue gear for the U.S. Dollar. In an effort to curb inflation and real estate prices, the Chinese raised interest rates by some 25 basis points and indirectly boosted the US dollar. In today’s FX Alerts, I focus on the EURUSD, [...]


Google Search Story: Buy Sell Buy The Euro

by Rafael Rosa on September 24, 2010

Remember the days of Euro-Dollar at 1.51? The time of the U.S. Dollar collapse was imminent. Everyone and their mother was saying buy the Euro, sell the U.S. Dollar. Not a lot of time went buy and selling the Euro was in fashion. When the 1.18 handle came around, the whole crowd was cheering the [...]


FX Alerts: Bottom of the Range [Aug 20, 2010]

by Rafael Rosa on August 20, 2010

Most of the majors are at the bottom of their weekly ranges. It is recommended to wait for the daily close today before opeing new breakout positions. Additionally, playing the range may offer the better risk-reward trades. Technorati Tags: Australian dollar, cable, canadian dollar, currency analysis, Currency Trading, currency trading tips, currency trading video, day [...]


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