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Euro Dollar Technical Analysis: Three Soldiers & Doji

by Rafael Rosa on November 10, 2010

The Euro-US Dollar is between a rock and hard place right now. Respecting the charts will be important. First, I’ll start with my failure to respect the charts during the Wednesday morning trading. The hourly chart above tells a story. The EURUSD was coming from a prolonged downtrend and started to challenge a major support [...]


The Mystery of the Dead Cat

by Rafael Rosa on October 20, 2010

Dead cat or dying cats? The dead cat phrase is being thrown everywhere today. However, it must be noted that there can only be one ‘dead cat bounce’ at play right now: the U.S. Dollar rebound. While I have argued for a possible U.S. Dollar Index rebound, yesterday’s rally does seem dead-catish. Fueled by a [...]

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StockTwits: An Environment for Ideas

by Rafael Rosa on September 23, 2010

I like StockTwits. It’s a place where a variety of people share their opinions, discuss different topics, and add their own 2 cents. Overall, different idea pieces are connected to form new ideas, improving your trading and market analysis. On the TED video below, Steven Johnson talks about where ideas come from, with a coffe [...]


FX Alerts: Bottom of the Range [Aug 20, 2010]

by Rafael Rosa on August 20, 2010

Most of the majors are at the bottom of their weekly ranges. It is recommended to wait for the daily close today before opeing new breakout positions. Additionally, playing the range may offer the better risk-reward trades. Technorati Tags: Australian dollar, cable, canadian dollar, currency analysis, Currency Trading, currency trading tips, currency trading video, day [...]


The 10x FX Challenge

by Rafael Rosa on July 30, 2010

Leverage is pretty popular in the currency trading world. Regulations typically allow traders to leverage themselves up to 50:1 or 100:1. Sometimes, there are online brokers that allow accounts to reach 400:1. In general, these capabilities only work to make you lose money as traders stack up on leverage and wipe out their accounts, fast. [...]

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