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Flash Crash of the Day: Dollar Index

by Rafael Rosa on October 23, 2010

I know, “tell me something I don’t know”. But yes, there was a flash crash on the US Dollar Index after the equities market close on Friday. The index dropped $3 in two minutes, reaching a low of $74.60. However, as illustrated in the picture above, it seems like most people don’t care. While there [...]


Oct. 19th 2010 FX Alerts: Dollar Time.

by Rafael Rosa on October 19, 2010

With the Federal Reserve on vacation, China decided to step in and throw the rescue gear for the U.S. Dollar. In an effort to curb inflation and real estate prices, the Chinese raised interest rates by some 25 basis points and indirectly boosted the US dollar. In today’s FX Alerts, I focus on the EURUSD, [...]


Trade Idea: Long EURCHF from 1.3350-60

by Rafael Rosa on October 18, 2010

EURCHF is currently at 1.3360. I was calling for 1.3350 earlier today on StockTwits. At this level, possible longs still look appealing. The pair is retracing the Sunday losses and staying above the key downward daily trendline originating from late 2009. The pair is also rebounding from its range low and kicking back from the [...]


EURCHF Trendline Break

by Rafael Rosa on October 7, 2010

The EURCHF (Euro Swiss Franc) is attempting to break its key downward daily trendline, which currently sits at the 1.3432 level. The 100 DMA also rests at 1.3490, creating a confluence of resistance levels. A daily close above 1.3490 today would open more room for EURCHF upside. A weekly confirmation tomorrow would put the 1.3600 [...]


Talked my Book [GBP/USD Bullish Bias]

by Rafael Rosa on September 27, 2010

Your humble blogger’s video was featured on StockTwits TV’s Talk Your Book last Thursday. Thanks Dr. Phil (@ppearlman) for the honor! Along with my GBP/USD video, there is great stuff from @WeeklyTA and @AnneMarieTrades. In regard to my video, it seems like the GBP/USD bullishness is being proved right. While the market did fail to [...]


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