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Google Search Story: Buy Sell Buy The Euro

by Rafael Rosa on September 24, 2010

Google Stories

Remember the days of Euro-Dollar at 1.51? The time of the U.S. Dollar collapse was imminent. Everyone and their mother was saying buy the Euro, sell the U.S. Dollar.

Not a lot of time went buy and selling the Euro was in fashion. When the 1.18 handle came around, the whole crowd was cheering the coming of Euro-Dollar parity.

Too bad they were wrong too. The Euro Dollar is now at 1.34. Now, imagine if you bought [...] Continue Reading…


StockTwits: An Environment for Ideas

by Rafael Rosa on September 23, 2010

TED Talk, Steven Johnson

I like StockTwits. It’s a place where a variety of people share their opinions, discuss different topics, and add their own 2 cents. Overall, different idea pieces are connected to form new ideas, improving your trading and market analysis.

On the TED video below, Steven Johnson talks about where ideas come from, with a coffe house being one of the examples. As we all know, StockTwits is a trading coffee house. Take 18 minutes to listen to Steven’s wisdom:

[...] Continue Reading…


GBP/USD Technicals are increasingly Bullish

by Rafael Rosa on September 23, 2010

Pound sterling

The GBP/USD is getting bullish by the minute. At the time of writing, different time frames are slowly closing above the key 1.5700 level. The hourly is past the hurdle, and the 4-hour chart is looking to follow through.

If the daily candle closes above the key level and the pair holds tomorrow (Friday), the weekly chart will end with the current candle above the 55 DMA and the key 1.5700 level.

Overall, it would call for a challenge of the [...] Continue Reading…


FX Alerts: Bottom of the Range [Aug 20, 2010]

by Rafael Rosa on August 20, 2010

Pound Sterling Coin

Most of the majors are at the bottom of their weekly ranges. It is recommended to wait for the daily close today before opeing new breakout positions. Additionally, playing the range may offer the better risk-reward trades.


Dow 10000 hat

The GBP/USD is looking bearish. It broke a key trendline yesterday and is looking for the 200 DMA. Overall, playing the range is offering the best risk-reward.


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