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I’m Cotton Rich and Didn’t know it.

by Rafael Rosa on November 9, 2010

pork bellies commodities Im Cotton Rich and Didnt know it.

I’ve become fairly wealthier and did not even notice it! Can you believe it?

I own endless cotton shirts and was not aware of its performance this year. Cotton is the big winner for 2010, up 94.3% year-to-date. Yea, “buy stocks” to make money. Ha.

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Futures Year to Date Performance 2 Im Cotton Rich and Didnt know it.I may have to switch from coffee to Red Bull too, ala Jersey Short. For coffee is likely to get awfully expensive at this rate. Wheat is also not far behind. As CNBC mentioned today, it could affect the price of beer. There goes my weekend fun.

Overall, just about any commodity is flying. Way to go, Ben. You give out $850 Billion out and all I get are worthy yet unsellable armpit-stained cotton shirts, expensive beer, and even more over-priced coffee.

And CNBC has been saying since 2009 that “it’s time to buy stocks”. I mean, sure. But I think it was actually time to buy everything else except the stock market (as a whole). Even bonds are ahead of the stock market. Thanks again, Ben.

While it may be funny now, these price increases in commodities across the board will have a negative affect on Americans. We’ll all be paying for higher gas prices and everything else.  Great for commodity investors yet crappy for everyone else. Perfect.

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