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Charlie Rose Interviews Jim Chanos on China Bubble

by Rafael Rosa on April 15, 2010

Charlie Rose’s highly anticipated interview with famous short-seller James Chanos is finally available. The interview trailers and anticipation chatter in the financial blogosphere made it seem like this interview was going to expose something Chanos had never mentioned before.

The interview was great, but it had nothing we haven’t heard before (maybe the quote “China is on a treadmill to hell ” is new :p). Jim Chanos did a lecture a few months ago on the China bubble that had the same talking points, except that it was 30 minutes longer and had a few more details. To see the lecture video and my notes, look at the post “Jim Chanos on China Bubble” or click on the first image below.

jim chanos lecture Charlie Rose Interviews Jim Chanos on China Bubble

If you want to see the Charlie Rose interview, click on the image below:

charlie rose jim chanos interview Charlie Rose Interviews Jim Chanos on China Bubble

Hat tip to Zero Hedge for finding Bloomberg’s transcript of the Charlie Rose interview:
Chanos Transcript

Lastly, the guys at Business Insider recently sat down with Jim Chanos and asked him a few questions. Here are the links to the first two Q&A sessions:

Q&A With Jim Chanos Part I: “Greece Is A Prelude”

Q&A With Jim Chanos Part II: China’s High-Rise Property House Of Cards

Investigate all the above and you’ll likely have an opinion (or second opinion) on the Chinese property bubble issue.

And most importantly, you’ll probably sound really smart when talking about it with your friends. Lol.

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