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Sunday Links: Inflection Point

by Rafael Rosa on March 21, 2010

Currency Trading: Trading Breakouts (FX Madness) S&P warns about potential credit ratings cut of Greek Banks (Bloomberg) Economy & Markets: Downside Risks to the US Economy (Calculated Risk) David Rosenberg on the US Housing market (via TPC) Forget adding “.com” to your company name, the money is in adding “China” (WSJ) All you want to [...]


Links (01/05/2010): The Money Maker Mattress

by admin on January 5, 2010

The Zeros decade in a three minute video: The Money Maker Mattress Fitch Slashes Iceland Ratings After President Vetoes Payback (WSJ): Huh, one of theĀ  “known unknowns” is appearing already? PIMCO Sees UK Rating Downgrade Probability At 80%, Gilts Higher By 100 Bps (Zero Hedge): The UK does not have the luxury of have the [...]


Best Comment: “Robertson says, “I ask anyone to give me an example of an economy beefed up by huge amounts of quantitative easing that did not inflate tremendously when or if the economy improved.” How about Japan in the last 20 years? I guess you can argue the Japanese economy has not improved yet. And [...]


Links 12/30/09: Forecasting 2010

by admin on December 30, 2009

On Goldman’s (and Now Morgan Stanley’s) Deceptive Synthetic CDO Practices (aka Screwing Their Customers) (Naked Capitalism) – A MUST READ. Great, extensive, in-depth article. Banks Bundled Bad Debt, Bet Against It and Won (NYT) – Article that relates to the one above from Naked Capitalism. A Review of Zero Hedge’s Most Popular Articles of [All [...]


12/28/2009 Links

by admin on December 26, 2009

U.S. Move to Cover Fannie, Freddie Losses Stirs Controversy (WSJ) – I guess the “recovery” theme hasn’t reached everyone. The Debt Hangover (Alpha Sources) – Great post regarding sovereign debt, the big theme for 2010. Adding Fees and Fences on Media Sites (CNBC) – Media news is thinking about charging for content, for real. Gold, [...]


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