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Charlie Rose Interviews Jim Chanos on China Bubble

by Rafael Rosa on April 15, 2010

Charlie Rose’s highly anticipated interview with famous short-seller James Chanos is finally available. The interview trailers and anticipation chatter in the financial blogosphere made it seem like this interview was going to expose something Chanos had never mentioned before. The interview was great, but it had nothing we haven’t heard before (maybe the quote “China [...]


A few worthy things I found on the financial blogosphere today. Hat tips to The Big Picture, The Pragmatic Capitalist, and Clusterstock. First, here is a recent video from featuring famous short-seller Jim Chanos and Professor of Economics Joseph Stiglitz. They talk about the financial crisis, short-selling, naked short-selling, and financial regulation. Not that [...]


HotOtc Scam

by Rafael Rosa on July 22, 2009

The internet is full of scams. One of these schemes involve websites that “help you invest” in penny stocks that will give you a 400% or 1000%+ return. Some of them are probably legit, but most of them are complete scams. Additionally, even the “legit” ones are dangerous and will probably make you lose money [...]


Emerging Giants

by admin on May 21, 2009

Is China’s growth sustainable? India’s ? The following post is based on the book The Elephant and The Dragon by Robin Meredith. It talks about the emergence of China and India, the way it has affected globalization, and what needs to be done in the future. Globalization has changed the world. It has created a [...]


Currency Trading Speculation

by Rafael Rosa on January 9, 2009

Price movements in financial markets may appear to be based on the statistical calculations of fundamental metrics; however, prices are also influenced by an entire culture of speculation (Miyazaki, 2007). Speculators, who are typically short-term investors, trade on the anticipation of making profits due to incorrectly priced assets or securities (Malpezzi & Wachter, 2006). Economic [...]

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