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Quantitative Easing Explained

by Rafael Rosa on November 15, 2010

Xtra normal character

The video above is quite amusing. I thought it was really funny and recommend watching it.

Reading through my RSS feeds, I noticed that the video was doing rounds not only on the major financial blogs but also on other types of forums/blogs. This means that the general public is getting to watch this video. It makes sense that it has 400,000 views in four days.

Yet know that the video is more about clichés and pressing emotional  hot buttons than [...] Continue Reading…


Euro Dollar Short Squeeze

by Rafael Rosa on November 12, 2010

Euro Short Squeeze

We all knew it was coming, just not when. It definitely took a while, but the Euro short squeeze made its debut during the Friday European session.

After reaching the 1.3570s, the pair snapped back to the 1.3720s. The claim is that an Irish rescue rumor started by some think-tank created the chaos. While the rumor threw gasoline on the fire, it must be noted that the reversal on the Euro started at 3 AM Eastern. The “rumor pop” came [...] Continue Reading…


Gold no longer an Intermarket Indicator

by Rafael Rosa on November 11, 2010

Gold Bards

NOTE: THIS POST WAS WRITTEN ON NOVEMBER 9th, so while the anecdote is two days old,  my opinion still stands.
Early in the morning, I was already calling it that Gold had become a worthless indicator. Overtaken by ETFs, fear, QE2, and the general public, the precious yellow (and silver) now do their own thing, with complete disregard to other markets.
Correlations are meant to be broken, and this Gold rush is a perfect example. With the Euro tanking, yields up, [...] Continue Reading…

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Euro-Dollar Downside Video + Dollar Manipulation

by Rafael Rosa on November 11, 2010

Support Break

Analysing the process of price movement is one of the most important things in technical analysis.

In this FX Alerts from November 9th (see, there is some educational material in regard to how I look at support/resistance breakdowns. As a plus, both calls on the EURUSD and AUDUSD worked out perfectly. At the time of writing, the EURUSD is trading in the 1.3650s and the AUDUSD reached the .9950s.

On a different note, I also recommend you check out my [...] Continue Reading…


Euro Dollar Technical Analysis: Three Soldiers & Doji

by Rafael Rosa on November 10, 2010

Three Musketeers

The Euro-US Dollar is between a rock and hard place right now. Respecting the charts will be important.

First, I’ll start with my failure to respect the charts during the Wednesday morning trading.
The hourly chart above tells a story. The EURUSD was coming from a prolonged downtrend and started to challenge a major support level (1.3696).
It first broke the 1.3730s intraday support but was not able to close below the major support on the hourly (on the chart: see 1A). [...] Continue Reading…


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